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How SDS Management works

SDS Manager simplifies Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management with an automated, user-friendly platform:

  • Effortless Setup

  • Instant employee access

  • Always up to date SDS Library

  • Full service

  • Sensible pricing

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Hang up posters with QR codes and give you employees instant access to SDSs for their workplace.You can test this right now by scanning the above QR code

Enhanced Safety Features

Elevate your Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management with our comprehensive Chemical Compliance Dashboard:

Revision Alerts: Stay ahead with automatic alerts for SDS that require updates.

Restricted Substance Notifications: Receive instant information about products containing ingredients on restricted chemical lists, helping you navigate regulatory complexities with ease.

Document Approvals: Swiftly pinpoint Chemicals awaiting your review to ensure your chemical use are in compliance with regulatory standards.

Supplier Responses: Keep track of supplier engagements with timely updates on requests for the most recent SDS, streamlining your communication and compliance processes.

Learn moreChemical Compliance Dashboard

The Secondary Container Labeling and NFPA labeling feature of SDS Manager provides an efficient solution for enhancing safety and regulatory compliance when chemicals are transferred to secondary containers. With just one click, users can generate custom labels that include QR codes and GHS symbols, directly from the SDS database. These labels offer essential safety information such as chemical identity, hazard warnings, and protective measures. The inclusion of QR codes enables quick access to detailed SDS information, ensuring that all necessary safety data is readily available for safe handling and storage practices. This feature simplifies the labeling process, making it easier for organizations to maintain a safe and compliant workplace.
Learn moreSecondary container and NFPA labeling

SDS Manager streamlines the process for employees to access critical safety information by allowing them to scan product labels' barcodes directly.

In instances where a product's barcode is not directly associated with its Safety Data Sheet (SDS), SDS Manager offers a straightforward solution. Users can swiftly find the required safety details by searching within SDS Manager using a selection of keywords from the product name or supplier, ensuring safety information is always at their fingertips.

Learn moreAccess SDS by scanning bar code

SDS Manager ensures that your employees are well-informed about hazards and the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) for handling chemicals safely. It automates the rating of chemical hazards, categorizing them based on Health, Safety, and Environmental concerns.

This evaluation leverages the H- and P-codes, along with the pictograms detailed in the Safety Data Sheets (SDS), to assign a comprehensive hazard rating. Additionally, SDS Manager stands out by extracting any PPE symbol from the SDS files, making critical safety information readily accessible to your employees.

Learn moreEnsure employees know PPE requirements

SDS Manager enhances the accessibility of critical safety information by extracting details from SDS files, enabling employees to access first-aid, firefighting, and accidental release guidelines through mobile-friendly one-click buttons.

This approach significantly improves the user experience on mobile devices, offering a stark contrast to the cumbersome task of navigating through SDS PDF files, which are not optimized for mobile viewing.

Learn moreOne-click access to First-aid information

SDS Manager facilitates continuous access to Safety Data Sheets, even in offline scenarios, by enabling the generation of an SDS binder. This binder consolidates all your SDSs into a single PDF file, featuring an indexed table of contents with hyperlinks to the respective Safety Data Sheet pages.

Providing your employees with access to the SDS binder file ensures compliance with EHS regulations, which mandate that employees handling chemicals must have ready access to Safety Data Sheets.

Learn moreOffline access to SDS

Receive alerts on restricted substances in the chemicals you utilize, including those listed under REACH - ECHA, California Proposition 65, ZDHC, and more.

SDS Manager scrutinizes the ingredient details of your chemicals from Safety Data Sheets and compares them against restricted substance lists. This feature enables you to quickly identify if any of your products contain ingredients that are on any restricted chemical lists.

Learn moreKnow your Hazardous chemicals

SDS Manager's Chemical Risk Assessment function is a comprehensive tool designed to evaluate and manage the risks associated with handling and storing chemicals in the workplace. By integrating detailed information from Safety Data Sheets (SDS), this feature allows for a systematic approach to identifying potential hazards, assessing the severity and likelihood of harm, and implementing effective control measures to mitigate risks.
Learn moreChemical risk assessments

SDS Manager significantly boosts compliance with local regulations governing chemical management, handling, and storage by ensuring your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) library remains current and accessible. It empowers employees with instant access to vital safety information directly on their mobile devices. By cross-referencing chemical ingredients with restricted substance lists from REACH, OSHA, and California Proposition 65, SDS Manager proactively identifies compliance risks. This functionality aids in steering clear of banned substances, reinforcing your organization's commitment to safety and regulatory adherence.


Have peace of mind before your next OSHA inspection

Gain unparalleled control over your Safety Data Sheets and ensure employees always have access to them, both when online and offline


Get alerted when we get new revisions of SDSs in your library.

Learn moreUp-to-date


Instant Access to Safety Data Sheets both when online and offline.

Learn moreAvailable


Keeps employees informed about hazards, PPE, and chemical instructions.

Learn moreSafe

Inspection ready

Compliance through automated updates, cross-referencing restricted list and easy access.

Learn moreInspection ready

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Have questions?

SDS Manager provides various services to facilitate the transition of your SDS library to a digital version.

Already Have SDS Files?
Share a zip folder containing your existing SDS files, and we will import them into your SDS Manager account at no extra cost.

Paper Copies / SDS binders?
If you possess a high-volume scanner, scan your printed Safety Data Sheets, and we will set up your Library based on the scanned files you send us.

Transitioning from a Different SDS Management System?
Our tools seamlessly extract and transfer your SDS files from major existing systems directly into SDS Manager, ensuring a smooth transition.

Starting from scratch?
Send us a list (e.g., XLS file) of chemicals with product names, supplier names, and product codes if available. We will find the Safety Data Sheets and add them to SDS Manager. Alternatively, use our tool to take photos of product labels for all your chemicals, and we'll build your SDS Library based on the pictures. Read more here.

Build the Online Library yourself
All the above methods are also available for you to use. A typical way to build your online library is to import existing SDS files, and delegating tasks to your department managers to take inventory of chemicals and capture pictures of product labels for chemicals not already registered in the system.

Step 1: Add SDSs or chemicals to your locations by searching our database of over 13 million Safety Data Sheets.

If you already have SDS files for your chemicals, you can import these in SDS Manager.

Step 2: Incorporate a direct link to SDS Manager on your intranet, such as "Access our Safety Data Sheet library here."

Adorn your workspace with QR-coded posters where chemicals are in use, providing essential information at a glance.

Step 3: Send an email to all your employees to let them know how they can access Safety Data Sheets by scanning QR codes on posters or secondary container labels. We have a ready-made templates you can use for this purpose.

Step 4: Our tools ensures compliancy with regulations by keeping your data sheets up to date at all times. Inform your employees about safe handling and what personal protection equipment to use when handling the chemicals.

If your organization has multiple departments, you can establish a department structure. Delegate administrative roles to your department managers so that they can execute the above steps in their respective departments.

Effortless Access with SDS Manager
SDS Manager ensures seamless access to your SDS library and safety information for your employees. They can easily access the library by scanning a QR code poster or clicking on the link on your organization's intranet.

Flawless Accessibility
For enhanced accessibility, many of our customers opt for tablets with SDS Manager installed. We offer assistance in installing Kiosk software on tablets, restricting their use solely for accessing Safety Data Sheets. The tablet can automatically open your SDS library when turned on.

Optimized for Mobile Phones
SDS Manager is designed for optimal performance on mobile phones, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Intuitive Search
Locating SDS for a specific product in your library is a breeze. Enter a few keywords from the product name, supplier name, or product code, and SDS Manager will quickly provide the relevant information.

Quick Access to Safety Measures
Your employees benefit from convenient quick buttons for First Aid measures, Firefighting measures, and Accidental release measures. SDS Manager also extracts PPE icons from the SDS, presenting them to users for easy reference.

Yes, SDS Manager lets you generate an SDS-binder that contains all of your SDS files in one PDF file. The file has an index and can be used for offline access to your Safety Data Sheets for backup purposes.

No, SDS Manager is a 100% cloud-based solution.

Yes, you can easily import all your SDSs into SDS Manager.

You can simply ZIP your folders with SDS files and import them into SDS Manager.

If you have the SDS files stored in a folder hierarchy, you can zip the entire folder structure, and we will automatically recreate a location structure matching your folder structure, adding SDS to each location in the same way you have them on your file server.

When SDS Manager imports the SDS files, we analyze them and extract all the content found in the SDS files, making them available for you in your new SDS library.

It's pure magic!

Certainly, any SDS files you include in the trial account will be retained if you choose to initiate the paid subscription after the 30-day free trial.

Yes, SDS Manager is compliant with the regulatory HSE framework from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and all countries within the European economic zone.

SDS Manager simplifies access to your Safety Data Sheets without requiring an app installation.

This is a deliberate decision to avoid the complexity and security concerns of app-based access that requires passwords. It's impractical to expect employees to consistently maintain the latest version of an SDS app on their phones.

In urgent situations, such as an accident, searching for app passwords is not feasible.

Instead, SDS Manager utilizes QR codes to provide swift and straightforward access to your SDS library, enhancing your safety protocol significantly.

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