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Have peace of mind before your next COSHH inspection

SDS Manager - the all-in-one solution for Chemical Management and Workplace Safety
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Easy access to SDSs for all your employees

Get alerts about new revisions of our SDSs

Inform employees about chemical risks and PPE

Suitable for organizations of all sizes

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Are you struggling to keep your SDS library up to date with the constant flow of new revisions of Safety Data Sheets?

Look no further!

An always up to date SDS library

Stay up to date with new versions of the SDSs you are using with Revision Alerts!

Side by side comparison of old and new versions of the SDS.

Scan me to view your next SDS library

Hang up posters with QR codes and give you employees instant access to SDSs for their workplace

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Focus on what matters!

PPE requirements and hazard controls easily accessible to all your employees.

Know your chemicals!

Get notified about restricted components in chemicals you use.
(REACH - ECHA, California Proposition 65, ZDHC ++)

Track inventory with container labeling

Create secondary container labels with hazard information.
Track the amount of products stored, used and disposed of using QR codes.

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All-in-one SDS Management
8 million SDSs at your fingertips
No limits on users or locations
Easy to set up and get started
Competitive pricing – no lock-in period
World’s first system that can extract data from all 16 sections of your SDSs.
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