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SDS Manager

We currently have one for the largest collections of SDS in the world and we expect to have the world’s largest database by the end of 2022.


Safety Data Sheets

20,000 new SDSs added every week


Suppliers of SDS

We aim to cover all suppliers in the world



We will add support for another 10 languages this year

Our Story

SDS Manager is based in Norway, and it is part of a group with over 100 full-time employees, specializing in software and services within the QMS & HSE sector for the past 15 years.

We have a strong presence with numerous large customers who leverage our safety data sheet solution in the local market.


We are building for rapid expansion. We offer competitive pricing combined with a SaaS solution that allows the customer to set up their safety data sheet inventory without the help of external consultants. We estimate around 1,000 new customers this year and another 2,000 new customers next year.

Seeking Resellers

Many companies require HSE service suppliers to have a local presence. Therefore, we are actively seeking partners in all markets who have a customer portfolios in need of solutions for Safety Data Sheet management.

Check out our Partner Program page for more information

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