Use the revision year filter feature in SDS Manager to identify SDSs in your library that are older than five years.

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Assessing Outdated SDS

Review SDS older than five years using the revision year filter in your library. This ensures compliance by keeping your safety information up-to-date.

Updating SDS Versions

Find the latest SDS using our search tool or by contacting the product vendor. Vendors must provide current SDSs for their products.

Archiving SDS for Discontinued Products

For products no longer in use, it's essential to retire them and archive their SDS to ensure compliance.

How to manage outdated SDS in your SDS library

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) that have not been updated in over five years are deemed out-of-date and necessitate a review for their ongoing applicability. While SDS Manager is adept at locating most updated revisions of your Safety Data Sheets, discrepancies in product names, codes, or supplier details can sometimes impede the automated update notifications provided by SDS Manager.

To address this scenario, we recommend leveraging the revision year filter feature within SDS Manager. This tool assists you in pinpointing and evaluating SDSs in your library that are beyond the five-year mark, ensuring your collection is both up-to-date and aligned with the latest safety regulations.

For outdated Safety Data Sheets, you have two options

  1. Get an updated version of the Safety Data Sheet.

    Often, a new version of a product carries a new Safety Data Sheet that does not automatically replace the old Safety Data Sheet since the products are not identical. In such cases, you must find the SDS of the product's new version and replace the old ones you have in your library.
  2. If the product is no longer for sale, the manufacturer does not generally issue updated Safety Data Sheets. Even though some products are good for years, e.g. Engine Oils, you need updated Safety Data Sheets if you keep storing an old product on your premises.

    If there is no corresponding Safety Data Sheet for the product or other equivalent product, you have to retire the product to stay in compliance with Chemical safety regulations.

    For products that are no longer active or have been discontinued, their Safety Data Sheets are moved to the Archive section. It is a regulatory requirement to retain archived Safety Data Sheets for products previously utilized for a duration of 10 years.

How to find your outdated MSDS-Sheets in your Online SDS library


Use the revision year filter to only list SDS in your library that are e.g. from before 2020


The button "Replace with new SDS" allows you to search for a replacement SDS


When you select the "Replace with new SDS" option, SDS Manager conducts a search in the database for matching Safety Data Sheets.

If you find a suitable replacement among the listed SDS, simply click on the "Replace" icon.


After examining the crucial details of both the existing SDS in your library and the newly identified SDS, click on "Move to newer version."

This action archives the current version and incorporates the new SDS into your library.


The new SDS is directly linked to the one it has replaced. To view the replaced SDS, simply click on the "Show replaced SDS" link.


If a more recent SDS is not located within our database, consider utilizing our integrated Google SDS search feature for additional exploration.

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Alternatively, you can leverage our integrated email function to request an updated SDS directly from your supplier. Simply enter your supplier's email address and click 'Send.'

Upon receiving the SDS from your vendor, it will be automatically uploaded to your SDS Manager account, prepared to update your existing SDS.

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In the event that a newer SDS is not available, the sole measure to maintain compliance involves archiving the Safety Data Sheet and ceasing the use of the product.

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SDS older than five years are considered outdated and require review for continued use. It's essential to update these documents to stay compliant with evolving safety standards. Here's how to manage outdated SDS in SDS Manager:

  • Utilize the Revision Year Filter: Apply the revision year filter in SDS Manager to list only those SDS in your library that date back to before the specified year, such as before 2020. This helps in identifying outdated SDS that need attention.
  • Search for Newer Versions: Upon identifying outdated SDS, use the "Replace with new SDS" feature. SDS Manager will search the database for matching, updated SDS. If a suitable replacement is found, click the “Replace” icon to update your library.
  • If you cannot find a current SDS in our database, explore further with our integrated Google SDS search.

If an updated SDS is not available, archiving the outdated SDS and discontinuing the product's use is the only option to ensure compliance. This action helps in mitigating risks associated with using products that no longer meet current safety standards.

Navigate to the Current SDS: First, locate and open the current version of the SDS within your SDS Manager account. This can be done by searching for the product name, product code, or supplier name in your library.

Use the "Show Replaced SDS" Link: Each SDS that has been updated and replaced by a newer version is linked to its predecessor. Look for the “Show replaced SDS” link on the page of the current SDS. Clicking this link will direct you to the previous version of the SDS.

Review Archived Versions: The previous SDS versions are stored in the Archive section for easy access. This feature ensures that you can always refer back to historical data for compliance, auditing, or information purposes.

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