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How SDS Management works

SDS Manager simplifies Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management with an automated, user-friendly platform:

  • Effortless Setup

  • Instant employee access

  • Always up to date SDS Library

  • Full service

  • Sensible pricing

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Gain unparalleled control over your Safety Data Sheets and ensure employees always have access to them, both when online and offline


Get alerted when we get new revisions of SDSs in your library.

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Instant Access to Safety Data Sheets both when online and offline.

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Keeps employees informed about hazards, PPE, and chemical instructions.

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SDS Manager offers a free online service available to everyone, where you can find and download Safety Data Sheets for your business. Our online SDS service is always available to you.
  • Millions of Safety Data Sheets
  • 25 languages
  • SDSs are available in PDF format, and can be downloaded for free from our server

  • SDS Manager’s free online SDS database have millions of Safety Data Sheets, and we are adding 20.000 new Chemical Safety Data Sheets on a weekly basis.
  • No other Database in the world offer such an extensive collection of the latest Safety Data Sheets.

A SDS is a PDF document for a chemical product. Other terms commonly used for SDS are:
  • Chemical safety data sheet – usually used in context of chemical products for use in companies
  • Product safety data sheet - mostly used by consumers

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) were previously called Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Product Safety Data Sheet (PSDS). These days, SDS or Safety Data Sheet are the most used terms.

All suppliers of products that contain chemicals are required by law to provide Safety Data Sheets to their customers.
  • Some suppliers will publish their SDS (MSDS) on their website where you can download them.
  • Other suppliers will send the SDS files to you via email when you request them.
Suppliers are required to supply SDS files free of charge to their customers. SDS Manager simplifies this process by collecting all available Safety Data Sheets in one place.

It can be time consuming to find the exact Safety Data Sheet you need.
Often you can find the relevant SDS by a google search for the product name and the word PDF. However, how do you know whether or not the SDS you have found is the latest version? Typically, new, and revised versions of SDSs are published on average every two years. Instead of trying to figure out if you have the correct version of the SDS you are looking for, let SDS Manager do the work for you. SDS Manager’s built-in web-crawler scans 150.000 websites on a monthly basis to ensure that the SDSs we have in our library are always up to date.

SDS files are always in PDF format. When you download the SDS from your supplier or here from SDS Manager, you can print the PDF files and store them in a binder commonly called an SDS Binder.
  • It is no longer a requirement to keep paper copies of your SDSs.
  • An online solution like SDS Inventory Manager from SDS Manager can be used instead of a physical binder.

You are legally required to keep a library of SDS for all products used in your company.
  • The library must be available to all employees that handle these products.
Traditionally, the library consisted of a binder with printouts of all the SDSs in use in the company. These days, very few companies use physical SDS binders as new regulations have allowed for online access to Safety Data Sheets.
Note that an online SDS library sometimes is referred to as an Electronic SDS Binder.

A safety data sheet (SDS) is a document produced in alignment with the UN’s Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) that the manufacturer, importer, or distributor of a chemical product is required to provide to downstream users. SDSs contain information about chemical properties, health and environmental hazards, protective measures, as well as safety precautions for storing, handling, and transporting these chemicals.

Safety Data Sheets are primarily focused on the hazards of working with chemicals in an occupational setting. Employers must ensure that employees have access to safety data sheets for all the hazardous chemicals they handle. Read more here: 7 Reasons you need to take Safety Data Sheet Management seriously

The GHS is not a regulation in itself, but is used as the basis on which individual regulatory authority issues local regulations.


SDSs are regulated under OSHA’s HazCom Standard


SDSs and other aspects of HazCom are regulated by Health Canada under


SDSs are regulated under:


SDSs are regulated under: