Our tools, coupled with our database of over 13 million SDSs, simplify the process of setting up your online SDS library.

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Build your SDS library

Build your SDS library by importing list of chemicals you are using.

SDS search

Use our database of more than 13Million Safety Data Sheets to find SDS.

Integrated Google SDS search

Effective fallback solution when SDS for your product is not found in our SDS Database.

How Setup of SDS Manager works

If you already possess SDS files, you can import them into SDS Manager.

If you're unsure about the chemicals in use, utilize your mobile phone to add products to SDS Manager by capturing pictures of the labels. Afterwards, you can locate the Safety Data Sheets for the chemicals you photographed.

Another option is to send XLS lists to your department managers, requesting them to fill in the products they use. The XLS file can be imported into SDS Manager, where you can find matching Safety Data Sheets.

SDS Manager has a database of more than 13Million Safety Data Sheets where you can find SDS for your products.

Lack of time and resources to do the setup?

Let one of our agents visit your locations to document them. We'll capture images of all product labels for the products you use and locate the corresponding Safety Data Sheets.

How to set up your SDS library

Already got some SDS files?

The SDS Manager offers a distinctive feature that allows you to easily populate your online library with Safety Data Sheets by directly importing PDF files (electronic versions of Safety Data Sheets). This eliminates the need for manual typing.

Zero-typing is involved. You can add hundreds of SDS to your new online SDS library in minutes.

Start shooting pictures of product labels of your chemicals

With SDS Manager on your smartphone, this process is streamlined: simply snap a photo of the product label, type in a portion of the product name, hit "Save", and move on to the next item.

This efficient method enables you to rapidly catalog hundreds of products in SDS Manager within an hour or less.

Import lists of chemicals in xls or csv format

For organizations with multiple departments, we recommend distributing our product list template to your department managers, inviting them to detail the chemicals utilized within their respective areas.

Our import wizard allows you to map columns in the file you import to the fields used by our system.

I only have Paper copies of our Safety Data Sheets

If you only have paper printouts of your Safety Data Sheets, the most efficient method to build your new Online SDS Library is to flip through your Paper copies and use our database of more than 13Million Safety Data to search for your products.

To add a Safety Data Sheet for a product to your SDS Library simply type in part of the product name and/or supplier name.

Simply click the + icon to add the SDS to your SDS library.

Let us help you set up your library
With our Full-Service option, we can assist you in setting up your new Online SDS Library as well as do long-term maintenance on your Safety Data Sheets if needed.

Other features you might like

Google SDS search

With our integrated Google search, you can easily find SDSs that are not yet in SDS Managers database of 13 million+ SDSs.

Import your SDS files

Create your SDS library through direct PDF imports or ZIP file uploads, which automatically organize and populate your library.

Photo feature

Build your SDS library on your smartphone by taking a photo of the product label. Enables rapid cataloging of products.

SDS Requests

Transform your SDS acquisition process into a manageable task with a dynamic to-do list of SDS Requests.

Have questions?

Our Full-Service maintenance plan is tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Pricing varies based on the number of Safety Data Sheets you require management for and the specific services you need. To ensure you receive the most accurate and cost-effective solution, please reach out for a personalized quote. Let us help you find the perfect plan for your SDS management needs.

Absolutely! Our dedicated agents are equipped to visit your site(s) to meticulously document all chemicals in use. We'll take photographs of each product label and undertake the task of locating the corresponding Safety Data Sheets for you. Our goal is to streamline the setup of your SDS Library, making the process as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

SDS Manager simplifies the process of adding Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to your library from PDF files. You can select all the SDS PDF files you wish to import and upload them directly to SDS Manager. The system is designed to automatically read your PDF files and accurately add the contained Safety Data Sheets to your library. This functionality is especially useful for efficiently managing large volumes of SDS documents, allowing you to build your SDS library from your existing SDS files with minimal manual input.

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