If a required SDS is not in our database, use SDS Manager's CRM-like email system to request it directly from your vendor.

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Email your product vendor

One-click option to email your product vendor to request SDS for your products.

Vendor response

Get notified when your vendor responds to your SDS Request.

SDS file is automatically added

SDS from your vendor is automatically added to your library when it is received.

How to request a Safety Data Sheet from your product vendor

Before you send an email request to your product vendor,
you should first search for the product in SDS Manager database and use our integrated Google SDS Search.
After Google SDS Search has been tried, the option to Email your vendor is available
Just enter your vendor's email

The email template is pre-prepared for you, with the option to customize before sending. Emails are dispatched via SDS Manager's mail system.

An SDS Request will be stored in your library as a placeholder until you receive the SDS from your vendor.

You will be notified when your vendor has responded.
Upon accessing your vendor's message,
you'll find data extracted from the attached SDS, along with the option to incorporate the received SDS into your library.
Before integrating the received SDS into your library,
you'll be able to compare the extracted information with the initially searched product details.
If your vendor is not responding to your request for SDS,
you can request assistance from our Safety Data Sheet sourcing team.

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Google SDS search

With our integrated Google search, you can easily find SDSs that are not yet in SDS Managers database of 13 million+ SDSs.

Import your SDS files

Create your SDS library through direct PDF imports or ZIP file uploads, which automatically organize and populate your library.

Photo feature

Build your SDS library on your smartphone by taking a photo of the product label. Enables rapid cataloging of products.

SDS Requests

Transform your SDS acquisition process into a manageable task with a dynamic to-do list of SDS Requests.

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Safety Data Sheets are continually issued, causing a delay before they're added to our database. If you purchase a new product, its SDS might be new to us too. Adding it to your library makes it accessible to all our customers.

Absolutely. You can replace an old SDS with a new one and generate a vendor email for updates not yet in our database.

Yes, you can, but responses won't be auto-imported into your SDS Manager account.

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