Build your SDS library on your smartphone by taking a photo of the product label. Enables rapid cataloging of products.

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Build your SDS library by shooting pictures of product labels.

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From your list of pictures you can search our database for the Safety Data Sheets

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One-click option to email your product vendor to request SDS for your products.

How our Camera feature Works

Creating an SDS library typically involves surveying your facility to inventory all chemicals in use.

With SDS Manager on your smartphone, this process is streamlined: simply snap a photo of the product label, type in a portion of the product name, hit "Save," and move on to the next item.

This efficient method enables you to rapidly catalog hundreds of products in SDS Manager within an hour or less.

After logging the chemicals, you can effortlessly locate their Safety Data Sheets by searching the global SDS database.

How to set up your library by shooting pictures of your chemical labels

Use your phone to add your products to SDS Manager. Simply take a picture of the product label, type in the product name and hit Save
When you are done taking photos of your products, it is time to find Safety Data Sheets for the products you have taken photos of.
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Google SDS search

With our integrated Google search, you can easily find SDSs that are not yet in SDS Managers database of 13 million+ SDSs.

Import your SDS files

Create your SDS library through direct PDF imports or ZIP file uploads, which automatically organize and populate your library.

Email your vendor

If a required SDS is not in our database, use SDS Manager's CRM-like email system to request it directly from your vendor.

SDS Requests

Transform your SDS acquisition process into a manageable task with a dynamic to-do list of SDS Requests.

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No, SDS Manager does not automatically scan photos to find the corresponding Safety Data Sheet. However, you can use photos of product labels to assist in searching for or requesting the appropriate SDS from the database or support team.

If the product for which you've taken a picture already has an SDS in your library, you can simply mark it as already present. This helps avoid duplication and keeps your SDS library organized and up-to-date.

Including part of the product name when taking pictures is crucial for cases where the photo might not be recognizable or clear enough to identify the product. This additional information ensures that you can accurately find or request the Safety Data Sheet even if you need to retake the photo or the original image does not provide

Yes, SDS Manager can assist you in finding Safety Data Sheets for your products. If you are starting from scratch or cannot find an SDS for a specific product in your library, SDS Manager offers several methods to help you build or complete your SDS library:

Database Search: Utilize SDS Manager's extensive database of over 11 million SDSs to search for and add the necessary safety data sheets for your chemicals.

Automatic Crawling: If you need an SDS from a supplier not already in SDS Manager's crawling database, you can notify the SDS Manager team, and they will add the supplier's site to their crawler. This service is provided at no extra cost, and you will be notified once the SDS is available.

Direct Import: You can import PDF files of SDS directly into the system if you already have them, making them instantly available in your SDS library.

Supplier Request: If a supplier has not published their SDS online, SDS Manager can contact the supplier on your behalf to obtain the required SDS. Alternatively, you can request the SDS directly from the supplier and forward it to SDS Manager for inclusion in your library.

Custom Assistance: For any SDS not available through the above methods, SDS Manager's team can assist in finding and adding these to your library, ensuring you have a comprehensive and compliant SDS inventory.

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