Create your SDS library through direct PDF imports or ZIP file uploads, which automatically organize and populate your library.

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Zip your SDS-PDF files

Build your SDS library by importing the list of chemicals you are using.

Automatic location creation

Location hierarchy created automatically matching folder structure of our SDS-files

Zero-typing is involved

SDS Manager automatically analyzes and extracts all content found in the SDS files

How import of your current SDS files works

The SDS Manager offers a distinctive feature that allows you to easily populate your online library with Safety Data Sheets by directly importing PDF files (electronic versions of Safety Data Sheets). This eliminates the need for manual typing.

If your SDS files are organized in a folder hierarchy, you can compress the entire folder structure into a ZIP file. We will then automatically establish a location structure that mirrors your folder arrangement, adding the SDS to each location in a manner consistent with how they are stored on your file server.

When SDS Manager imports the SDS files, we analyze and extract all the content found within the SDS files, making it accessible in your new SDS library.

Zero-typing is involved. You can add hundreds of SDS to your new online SDS library in minutes.

It is pure magic!

How to import your SDS files

Zip your SDS-PDF files
If you have the SDS files stored in a folder hierarchy, you can zip the whole folder structure to a single ZIP file
Import Zip file
Drag and drop your ZIP file to SDS Manager.
Auto creation of locations structure

SDS Manager we will automatically create a matching location structure and add the SDSs to each location in the same way you have then on your file system.

When SDS Manager imports the SDS files, we will analyze them and extract all the content found in the SDS tiles and make them available for you in your new SDS library.

SDS Manager is the only company that has such an import feature that can build your entire SDS library from your SDS files with zero-typing involved.

It is pure magic!

Update to latest revision
After importing, you will be notified about all SDSs that are outdated and should be updated with the newer version we have in our database.
SDS Binder

If you already have an SDS-binder (PDF file that contain multiple SDS files) for each of your locations, you can simply upload the SDS-binder file to a location in your SDS library.

We will automatically read the PDF you import and detect which SDSs are in the file and add them to the location.

Other features you might like

Google SDS search

With our integrated Google search, you can easily find SDSs that are not yet in SDS Managers database of 13 million+ SDSs.

Import your product lists

Build your SDS library by importing a list of chemicals you use. SDS Manager automatically identifies and retrieves matching SDSs.

Photo feature

Build your SDS library on your smartphone by taking a photo of the product label. Enables rapid cataloging of products.

SDS Requests

Transform your SDS acquisition process into a manageable task with a dynamic to-do list of SDS Requests.

Have questions?

SDS Manager simplifies the process of adding Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to your library from PDF files. You can select all the SDS PDF files you wish to import and upload them directly to SDS Manager. The system is designed to automatically read your PDF files and accurately add the contained Safety Data Sheets to your library. This functionality is especially useful for efficiently managing large volumes of SDS documents, allowing you to build your SDS library from your existing SDS files with minimal manual input.

Yes, scanned PDF files of Safety Data Sheets can still be imported into SDS Manager. If you have SDS binders or individual SDS documents in PDF format that are scanned copies, you can upload the files to your SDS Manager library. SDS Manager will utilize OCR to read the scanned SDS documents and add the SDS files to your new online SDS database.

If you possess only paper copies of your Safety Data Sheets, SDS Manager provides a straightforward pathway to digitize and incorporate these documents into your library:

Scanning to PDF: You can scan all your paper SDS documents to create PDF files. If organized by location, you can scan all SDS belonging to a specific location into a single PDF file. Upon uploading this PDF to SDS Manager, the system will automatically process the document, identify the SDS contained within, and add them to the designated location in your library.

Database Search:: Alternatively, you can add SDS to your SDS Manager library by searching the system's database for the products you are using. This method allows you to manually search and add each SDS one by one if scanning is not feasible.

These options provide flexibility in how you transition from a paper based SDS system to a fully digital SDS library, ensuring accessibility and compliance

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