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Dallas, Texas


500 employees


Inefficient SDS management in SharePoint, difficulty in maintaining up-to-date safety information


A large construction company based in Dallas, Texas, was grappling with the cumbersome task of managing its Safety Data Sheets (SDS) using SharePoint folders. With employees accessing these critical documents via intranet, the company faced significant challenges in keeping the SDS library current and ensuring easy access for all workers across its four sites.

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Separate SDS Binder for each site

Every construction site requires a customized list of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) specific to the materials being used on that site.

Bulk copy of SDS

The "Bulk Copy" feature of SDS Manager simplifies the process of establishing a standard list of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for new sites

Offline access

For sites without internet access, offline SDS binders are utilized.

The Shift to SDS Manager

The Shift to SDS Manager

Recognizing the inefficiencies and potential compliance risks associated with their existing system, the company decided to make a strategic move to SDS Manager. This decision was propelled by the platform's promise of streamlined SDS management and enhanced accessibility for employees.
The transition to SDS Manager was surprisingly smooth and swift. By simply zipping all the SDS files from their SharePoint folders and importing them into SDS Manager, the company was able to create a new, fully functional online SDS library in under 30 minutes. This process automatically organized their extensive collection of safety data sheets without the need for manual data entry or reorganization.



Enhanced Accessibility: Employees now enjoy instant access to the SDS library by scanning QR code posters located at strategic points across the company's construction sites.
Bulk copy function: The Bulk Copy feature of SDS Manager simplifies the process of establishing a standard list of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for new construction sites
Streamlined Management: Transitioning from SharePoint to SDS Manager has dramatically simplified the management of the company's SDS library, freeing up valuable time for the safety team to focus on other critical aspects of workplace safety.

Customer Feedback

Moving to SDS Manager from SharePoint has transformed how we handle chemical safety information. The ability for our employees to quickly access up-to-date SDS by scanning QR codes has made a noticeable difference in our safety culture. What amazed us the most was the ease and speed of the transition; in less than half an hour, we had a new, more efficient system in place. SDS Manager has not only improved our compliance posture but has also made safety information more accessible to everyone. Shared the company's Safety Director.


This construction company's experience highlights the significant benefits of upgrading to a dedicated SDS management system like SDS Manager. By making the switch, they have streamlined their chemical safety management processes, enhanced compliance, and ensured that their employees have the easiest and quickest access to the safety information they need. Their success story serves as a compelling example for other organizations facing similar challenges with traditional SDS management solutions.
Embrace the future of SDS management with SDS Manager. Begin your journey towards a safer, more compliant workplace today.

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