It’s been some time already since the regulators have introduced the chemical inventory and SDS management requirement into the local legislation around the globe.

Companies have kept hard copies of SDS sheets in registers in the past. These hard copies had to be continually replaced whenever a new or revised SDS appeared. Today, technology gives us the possibility to optimise this process. 

Here are the seven things you should know about SDS management and how to be compliant:

  1. Provide universal access

Anyone who works with hazardous chemicals has to have access to the SDS at all times. By using online platforms, workers should quickly log in via their phone or computer and access this information.

  1. Educate your employees

Today's SDS' are standardised documents with 16 sections. Each section contains specific safety information. Employees should know what the SDS is, its format and how to read and find the information they are looking for.

  1. Improve internal procedures

The SDS system should help you improve your procedures. Each company should establish their internal standards for handling chemicals and related documentation.

  1. Keep the archive

In some countries, legislation prescribes a 10-year period by which the relevant documentation (including SDS) should be saved and archived. If your SDS gets updated today, the previous version should be saved for the next ten years.

  1. Have a back-up

How can you access the information in case of a power outage? Develop backup plans in case of emergency.

  1. Communicate better

One of the main goals of the SDS system is to improve communication within the company. Share the data, make and print out documentation and establish a line of communication between all workers at risk.

  1. Disposal considerations

In the SDS, you can find information on the proper methods for the disposal of waste products and packaging. Inform the workers, so they have the knowledge and tools for proper disposal.

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