7 Things chemical importer must know being The Responsible Party

Chemical importers need to recognize their function as "The Accountable Party" for Hazard Interaction, hazard category, as well as SDS compliance. Safety Data Sheets for imported products must be evaluated and re-authored, when essential, for OSHA compliance. Hazard category standards and the level of GHS fostering vary throughout worldwide territories.

OSHA specifies a chemical importer as the initial company with workers within the Customs Area of the USA, which obtains hazardous chemicals generated in various other nations to provide them to suppliers or companies with the USA. As per OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 (f)(1). 

  1. Importers must classify, label, and package all hazardous substances and mixtures per the OSHA Regulation

  2. Importer must provide the chemical information about the hazardouschemicals to which may be exposed at workplaces through a written hazard communication program that include all the information documents SDS (Safety Data Sheet). 

  3. Before shipping imported containers of hazardous chemicals to locations within the USA, the importer needs to ensure that each container is appropriately HCS 2012 labelled (i.e., according to 29 CFR 1910.1200(f)(1)

  4. Importers, who place hazardous substances on the market either on their own, must notify the classification and labelling information to their subject Chemical Safety Authority. This duty of notify does not apply if the information has already been provided as part of registration. 

  5. The Importers of hazardous mixtures must notify certain information to the National Poisons Information Centre (NPIC) or Own country regulation authority. Suppose they place mixtures classified as hazardous for health or physical effects on the subject market. Notifications for consumer and professional products should be submitted via the Poison Centre Notification portal (PCN) or own country regulation authority. 

  6. The Importer may not import any of the chemicals listed in the Annexes to the PIC Regulation unless in accordance with specific conditions identified in EU Legislation, e.g. REACH and CLP or own country regulations authority which could be listed in the banned list.

  7. Importers must notify yearly imports of chemicals listed in the Annexes to the Regulation or own country regulations authority. 


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