SDS Manager allows for swift retrieval of Safety Data Sheets by enabling barcode scanning via smartphone.

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Scan QR poster or access SDS library from your corporate intranet.

Click the barcode scanner button

Click barcode scanner button to scan product barcode

Access SDS

SDS Manager directs you to the Safety information of the product if the scanned barcode matches any SDS within your library.

How barcode scanner works

Retrieve SDS by Scanning Product Barcode

SDS Manager enhances accessibility by allowing users to effortlessly find Safety Data Sheets by simply scanning the product's barcode with a smartphone camera, providing a quick and efficient alternative to manual product name searches.

How to find safety information by scanning barcode on product label

Access Your Online SDS Library
To scan a product's barcode, users must first gain access to your online SDS library. This can be achieved by scanning a QR poster, clicking a link on your corporate intranet, or utilizing a shortcut on their smartphone.
Click the barcode icon in the search bar
Scan product barcode to access Safety information for the product.
Handling Unrecognized Barcodes

If a barcode is not initially recognized, users have the option to link the scanned barcode with its corresponding Safety Data Sheet. This ensures that future scans of the same barcode will successfully retrieve the relevant SDS.

Furthermore, admin users have the capability to view a comprehensive list of all SDS documents in your library that currently lack barcode (EAN/UPC) information. This feature simplifies the process of updating and maintaining accurate barcode details for all products in your SDS library

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Access First-aid info

Since we extract all information from the SDS files, we provide mobile-friendly access to first-aid details with just one click.

Secondary labels

Generate secondary container labels in 15 sizes. Labels feature QR codes, crucial H- and P-codes, and PPE icons.

Keep employees informed

Safety information is readily accessible. Hazard details and PPE icons are instantly available, automatically extracted from SDS files.

Offline access

Create an SDS Binder for easy offline access to Safety Data Sheets. Navigate swiftly within any standard PDF reader.

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SDS Manager streamlines the process of accessing safety information by enabling you to find Safety Data Sheets (SDS) simply by scanning a product's label barcode. This feature allows for immediate access to vital safety details without the need for manual searches.

All you need is a smartphone with a camera. By accessing SDS Manager on your mobile device, you can use your camera to scan the barcode on a product's label, and the system will automatically direct you to the corresponding Safety Data Sheet, if available in your library.

If a barcode is not recognized because it's not yet associated with any SDS in your library, you have the option to link the barcode with the appropriate Safety Data Sheet. This ensures that future scans of the same barcode will successfully retrieve the SDS.

Yes, admin users can easily add or update barcode information (EAN/UPC) for products in the SDS library. SDS Manager also provides a feature to list all SDS documents currently missing barcode information, making it straightforward to maintain and update your product database.

Yes, this feature is available to all users, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of safety information within your organization. It enables both employees and safety managers to quickly access the safety data they need, whenever they need it.

Yes, SDS Manager allows you to associate multiple barcodes with a single Safety Data Sheet. This feature is particularly useful for products that have different packaging sizes or formats but contain the same chemical substance and therefore share the same safety information. It ensures that regardless of the product variant scanned, users will be directed to the correct SDS.

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