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Educational Institution


United States


20,000 students


Lack of an electronic SDS management system for over 4000 chemical products


A prominent university with a student body of 20,000 faced significant challenges in managing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the vast array of chemicals used across various departments. With no electronic copies of SDSs available, the institution relied on outdated methods that hampered accessibility and compliance efforts.

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Import chemical lists

Prepared xls list of chemicals used in each department imported to SDS Manager

Harvesting SDS for all chemicals

SDS Manager helped finding Safety data sheets for all chemicals used.

Staff and Student access to SDSs

QR code posters across campus and link from intranet to get instant access to Safety information

Strategic Solution with SDS Manager

Strategic Solution with SDS Manager

Determined to overhaul its approach to chemical safety, the university embarked on a project to digitize and centralize its SDS management. Each department compiled an Excel file listing the chemicals in use, a mammoth task given the institution's size and amount of chemicals.
SDS Manager emerged as the chosen platform to bring this ambitious plan to fruition. The SDS Manager team played a crucial role in importing the Excel files, marking the beginning of a transformational journey. SDS Manager assisted the university in locating and compiling SDSs for approximately 4000 products.



Enhanced Accessibility: The deployment of QR code posters throughout classrooms and laboratories revolutionized how staff and students access safety information. A simple scan now provides instant access to relevant SDSs, significantly improving the culture of safety across campus.
Comprehensive Support: SDS Manager's comprehensive assistance in building the university's SDS library from the ground up ensured that no chemical was left undocumented, offering peace of mind regarding compliance and safety.
Enhanced Accessibility: Employees now enjoy instant access to the SDS library by scanning QR code posters located at strategic points across the company's construction sites.

Customer Feedback

The transition to SDS Manager has been a game-changer for our university. Not only have we centralized our chemical safety data, but we've also made it incredibly accessible to our staff and students. The QR code system, in particular, has been a hit, making it easier than ever to maintain a safe learning environment. SDS Manager's support throughout this process has been invaluable, transforming a daunting task into a smooth and successful initiative. Stated the university's Environmental Health and Safety Director.


This large university's journey from a paper-based SDS system to a digital, centralized SDS Manager platform exemplifies the transformative power of technology in enhancing safety and compliance in educational settings. The successful implementation has set a new standard for chemical safety management in academia, proving that with the right tools and support, institutions can significantly improve accessibility to crucial safety information and foster a culture of safety and awareness.
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