Our suite of over 10 filters, including the ingredient filter, allows you to efficiently list Safety Data Sheets for compliance checks or bulk operations.

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Identify SDS Based on Specific Hazards

Using filters based on Hazard statements enables you to identify chemicals in your organization that possess specific hazards, such as being Carcinogenic (H350, H350i, H351) or Explosive (H209, H230, H240, H241).

Locate SDS with certain ingredients

List chemicals in your library that contain a certain ingredient – filtering is done by CAS# or ingredient name.

Identify Outdated Safety Data Sheets

Filters enable you to locate Safety Data Sheets in your library that have a revision year of a certain age or older.

How SDS filters work

SDS filters allow you to refine and sort through Safety Data Sheets in your library by applying specific criteria to quickly locate the information you need.

SDS Manager offer a vast number of filters to allow you to make the selection of SDSs:

  • Select SDS that are linked to certain locations
  • Select SDSs from certain Suppliers
  • Select SDSs from certain Revision year
  • Select SDSs that contain certain Hazard statements
  • Select SDS that have certain Status
  • Select SDS that have certain values set by you using Custom Fields
  • Select SDS where Presence has not been recorded
  • Select SDS with a certain Approval Status
  • Select SDS with certain Risk assessment condition
  • Select SDS added or changed by certain users
  • Select SDS that has ingredients with a certain ingredient. Filter allow for both ingredient name and CAS#.
  • Select SDS that has a certain string (free text search filter)

Once you've applied the necessary filters, you can perform bulk operations or conduct detailed inspections on the selected Safety Data Sheets as required.

Other features you might like

Maintaining an Up-to-Date SDS Library

SDS Manager proactively searches thousands of supplier websites for SDS updates, alerting you of any new versions detected in your library.

Chemical Compliance Dashboard

Elevate your Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management with our comprehensive Chemical Compliance Dashboard.

Bulk operations

The bulk operation feature allows actions such as transferring, duplicating, archiving, and approving multiple SDSs simultaneously.

Archive Safety Data Sheets

Archiving SDSs for products that are no longer in use is crucial for historical exposure analysis and compliance.

Have questions?

Yes, you can apply multiple filters at the same time to narrow down your search results more effectively in your SDS library.

Yes, you can list all Safety Data Sheets that contain a specific ingredient by using the CAS# filter. Simply enter the Ingredient name or Chemical Abstracts Service number to filter the SDSs.

Yes, you can select multiple codes in the hazard statement filter. This allows you to refine your search to include SDS that meet several hazard criteria simultaneously.

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