SDS Manager employs a cutting-edge data extraction technique for Safety Data Sheets (SDS), presenting all SDS content in a structured format.

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How SDS Managers extraction of data from Safety Data Sheets works

Unlike other systems that capture only select data elements, SDS Manager extracts comprehensive information from SDS files. This allows you to display any SDS parameter as columns in your SDS lists within SDS Manager.

The extraction process includes the identification of pictograms and PPE icons using optical recognition, along with a structured ingredients list that details the concentration of each ingredient.

This comprehensive data extraction enables unique features such as one-click access to mobile-friendly first-aid information.

Additionally, the extraction of ingredients allows us to compare the contents of your products against restricted substance lists, quickly identifying any ingredients that are on these lists.

Data from Section 9 is also converted into a structured format for display in list views and inclusion in library CSV exports.

Furthermore, we can provide the extracted data in XLS, JSON, or XML formats for seamless integration with your ERP system.

How to select parameters to show in Custom View SDS list

In the "Custom View" you can click the "+" icon to select the parameter you want to show in the list.

Check the parameters you like to view in the SDS list.

The parameters you select will be shown as columns in the Custom View window.

The parameters you select will also be included the xls export of your SDS Library.

Example of how extracted data from section 3 is used to list chemicals with ingredients on restricted lists.
Example of extracted data from section 4
Example of extracted data from section 6
Example of extracted data from section 7
Example of extracted data from section 9

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Our API allows you to search through our extensive database of millions of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) or upload any SDS file to extract data from all 16 sections, available in JSON or XML format.

Compare products

Side-by-side SDS comparison of two products, allowing for thorough analysis of properties and hazards.

Free text search

SDS Manager's free text search feature indexes the entirety of the content within all the Safety Data Sheets in your SDS library.

Secondary labels

Generate secondary container labels in 15 sizes. Labels feature QR codes, crucial H- and P-codes, and PPE icons.

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SDS Manager employs advanced AI technology to extract data from Safety Data Sheets in over 30 languages, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accessibility. Our AI systematically extracts information from all 16 sections of the SDS, providing a thorough breakdown of each sheet.

The AI-driven extraction process allows you to automatically populate your SDS management system with detailed, structured data. This includes everything from chemical properties and safety measures to environmental impacts, greatly enhancing your ability to manage chemical safety and compliance efficiently.

Yes, our extraction technology not only extracts textual data but also identifies and categorizes pictograms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) icons using optical recognition. This enables the display of visual safety symbols directly within your SDS lists.

Absolutely. The data extracted by SDS Manager can be provided in XLS, JSON, or XML formats, facilitating seamless integration with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and other software tools.

Our AI algorithms are continuously updated and refined to ensure high accuracy and reliability in data extraction.

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