SDS Manager scrutinizes the ingredient details of your chemicals on SDSs and compares them against restricted substance lists.

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restricted substance notifications


List chemicals with ingredients on restricted lists

Approve concerned products

Approve SDS if concentration is within allowed limits.

Risk assess products

Create chemical risk assessment to document compliance with regulatory restrictions.

How Restricted Substance Notifications works

Receive alerts on restricted substances in the chemicals you utilize, including those listed under REACH-ECHA, California Proposition 65, ZDHC, and more.

SDS Manager scrutinizes the ingredient details of your chemicals from Safety Data Sheets and compares them against restricted substance lists. This feature enables you to quickly identify if any of your products contain ingredients that are on any restricted chemical lists.

How to manage products with ingredients on restricted lists

Your SDS Manager compliance dashboard
gives you an overview of status in relation to restricted lists relevant to your area.
On the settings page
you can determine which regulatory list to include in your restricted chemical notifications.
On the list with products

pending verification against restricted list all your SDS that contain ingredients in section 3 of the safety data with CAS# found in any restricted lists.

The list shows the concentration of the ingredients and a direct link to the corresponding regulatory documents for the restriction

Links to information

Although SDS Manager is not automatically telling you if the concentration of the ingredients is within the allowed concentration, it provides you with links to information needed to make the decision.

A click on the Z-1 Table link will take you directly to OSHA's information about allowed Chlorobenzene.

The approval function
allows for the marking of chemicals with acceptable concentration levels as approved. This action transfers the SDS from the pending list to the "No Concern" list.

Other features you might like

Chemical risk assessments

Generate Chemical Instruction & Risk Assessment to efficiently educate employees on risks and PPE requirements

Compare products

Side-by-side SDS comparison of two products, allowing for thorough analysis of properties and hazards.

Keep employees informed

Safety information is readily accessible. Hazard details and PPE icons are instantly available, automatically extracted from SDS files.

Job Hazard analysis

Create Job Hazard Analysis Reports (referred to as COSHH Reports in the UK). Read receipts from assigned employees.

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A Restricted Substance Notification in SDS Manager is an alert feature that informs users when a substance within their safety data sheets (SDS) database contains ingredients subject to regulatory limitations or bans. This helps ensure compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations.

SDS Manager regularly updates its regulatory information database to reflect the most current standards and regulations from relevant health and safety authorities.

The Restricted Substance Notification is available on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

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