Customer Profile


Multinational Corporation




Manufacturing plants across 6 countries


600 employees


Managing SDSs in multiple languages and reduce costs related to SDS Management


A multinational corporation, with manufacturing plants in six countries and operations in five different languages, faced significant challenges in managing their Safety Data Sheets (SDS) effectively. Previously relying on MSDSOnline (VelocityEHS) for their SDS management, they sought a more efficient, cost-effective solution that could cater to the diverse language needs of their global workforce.

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Migration from existing vendor

Easy migration from existing SDS Management vendor to SDS Manager

Multi-language support

Access to Safety information in the employee's local language


Alerts about new revisions of Safety Data Sheets

Solution with SDS Manager

The corporation chose SDS Manager for its flexible, robust platform capable of addressing their unique challenges. SDS Manager facilitated a smooth and rapid migration of their entire SDS library from MSDSOnline (VelocityEHS) within just a few days, showcasing an unparalleled efficiency that immediately impacted the company's operations positively.
Seamless Transition: The transition process was meticulously planned and executed, ensuring no disruption to the corporation's daily operations. SDS Manager's technical team provided full support, transferring thousands of SDS files quickly and accurately.
Multilingual Support: One of the key features that set SDS Manager apart was its ability to provide users access to safety data sheets in their native languages, along with a user interface (GUI) localized for each country. This significantly improved the accessibility and understanding of safety information among employees.
Cost Savings: Moving to SDS Manager resulted in substantial cost savings for the corporation. The efficiency and scalability of SDS Manager allowed the company to streamline their SDS management processes, reducing overheads and eliminating the need for multiple systems across different regions.



Enhanced Safety Compliance: With SDS Manager, the corporation enhanced its compliance with international safety standards, thanks to the platform's ability to manage and update SDSs efficiently across multiple languages and jurisdictions.
Improved Accessibility: Employees now had immediate access to critical safety information in their language, improving safety practices and awareness across all levels of the organization.
Significant Cost Savings: The transition to SDS Manager not only streamlined the corporation's safety data sheet management but also offered considerable cost savings, proving the decision to switch a financially sound investment.

Customer Feedback

The migration to SDS Manager has been a cornerstone in our strategy to enhance global safety and compliance. The ability to access SDSs in our local languages has been a game-changer for our employees. Moreover, the cost savings realized by switching to SDS Manager have been beyond our expectations. We're now more confident than ever in our ability to manage chemical safety across our global operations. Stated the corporation's Global Safety Officer.


This multinational corporation's successful migration to SDS Manager underscores the platform's capability to meet the complex needs of global enterprises. By prioritizing accessibility, compliance, and cost-efficiency, SDS Manager has helped the corporation achieve a new level of safety management excellence, setting a benchmark for multinational safety data sheet management.
Elevate your global safety and compliance with SDS Manager. Transform your SDS management today.

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