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600 employees


Outdated SDS management system, difficulty in accessing up-to-date safety information, compliance risks


Nestled in the heart of Miami's industrial sector, a medium-sized manufacturing firm faced the daunting task of modernizing its antiquated Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management system. The manual upkeep and retrieval of SDSs were not only inefficient but also posed significant compliance risks. With a vast array of chemicals on-site and a strong dedication to employee safety, the company sought a robust solution to overhaul their chemical safety management practices.

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Informed employees

Employee informed about hazards, PPE and chemical instructions.


Alerts about new revisions of Safety Data Sheets


Compliance through automated updates and cross-referencing restricted chemical lists.

The SDS Manager Solution

The decision to adopt SDS Manager was driven by its user-friendly interface, extensive compliance functionalities, and the mobility it offered for accessing safety data. The company was particularly drawn to the platform's automated SDS updates, straightforward access for employees, and adherence to stringent safety regulations.
Transitioning to SDS Manager was smooth and swift. The company quickly uploaded its SDS library onto the platform, facilitated by the intuitive setup process that required minimal external assistance. Key features that enhanced their safety management included:
QR Code Accessibility Employees could now access SDSs instantly by scanning QR code posters strategically placed around the workplace, simplifying the process of finding safety information.
Secondary Container Labels The platform’s one-click solution for creating secondary container labels streamlined labeling processes and ensured all containers were clearly marked.
NFPA Label Generation For hazardous chemicals, the company successfully utilized SDS Manager's NFPA label generation feature, enhancing the visibility of chemical hazards.



Enhanced Compliance and Safety: The automated alerts on restricted substances and mobile access to SDSs significantly reduced compliance risks and improved workplace safety.
Operational Efficiency: he EHS team experienced a dramatic reduction in the time spent managing SDS updates, allowing more focus on proactive safety measures.
Empowered Employees: With crucial safety information at their fingertips, employees felt more informed and confident in handling chemicals.

Customer Feedback

The implementation of SDS Manager has been a game-changer for our safety protocols. The ease of access to SDSs through QR codes, the simplicity of generating container labels, and the integration with our intranet have collectively transformed how we manage chemical safety. The NFPA labeling feature, in particular, has been instrumental for our hazardous chemicals management. SDS Manager has become an integral part of our safety culture.Stated the company’s EHS Director.


This manufacturing company's journey with SDS Manager illustrates the transformative impact of leveraging technology to enhance chemical safety and compliance. By integrating SDS Manager into their safety practices, they not only streamlined their SDS management but also fortified their commitment to creating a safe and compliant workplace. Their success story serves as a powerful example for organizations seeking to elevate their chemical safety management and protect their workforce.
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