The bulk operation feature allows actions such as transferring, duplicating, archiving, and approving multiple SDSs simultaneously.

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Replicate SDS across Locations

Ideal for construction firms and other businesses utilizing a wide range of similar products across multiple sites, this function allows for the seamless duplication of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) from one location to another

Archive Safety Data Sheets

For users experimenting with SDS Manager, our platform offers a straightforward process to bulk archive Safety Data Sheets (SDS) from initial imports. This allows for a clean slate, enabling another round of imports for further testing or organization.

Relocate Safety Data Sheets to New Storage Locations

In the event of altering chemical storage arrangements within your organization, our bulk move feature facilitates the effortless transfer of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to align with the updated structure of your storage locations.

How bulk operations on Safety Data Sheets works

Bulk Operations on Safety Data Sheets (SDS): Streamlining Management and Compliance

The bulk operations feature provides a powerful tool for managing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) across your SDS library, enabling you to perform actions such as:

Transferring SDSs to a new location:Effortlessly relocate your SDSs to reflect changes in your chemical storage structure.

Duplicating SDSs across locations:Ideal for construction companies and businesses that utilize similar products at multiple sites, allowing for the smooth replication of SDS information from one location to another.

Archiving SDSs:Simplify the management of your SDS library with bulk archiving sheets, perfect for users testing SDS Manager or needing to start fresh with a new import.

Approving SDSs:Streamline the approval process of your Safety Data Sheets through bulk actions.

These capabilities are particularly beneficial for construction firms and businesses with multiple sites, ensuring consistent safety information and compliance across all operations. Additionally, when updating the layout or structure of your chemical storage, the bulk move feature ensures your SDS management accurately reflects these changes, maintaining organization and efficiency.

How to do bulk operations on Safety Data Sheets in your Online SDS library


Apply filters

When doing bulk operations, you first need to select the Safety Data Sheets you would like to include in the bulk operation.

SDS Manager offers a vast number of filters to allow you to make the selection of SDSs:

  • Select SDSs from certain Suppliers
  • Select SDSs from a certain Revision year
  • Select SDSs that contain certain Hazard statements
  • Select SDS that have a certain Status
  • Select SDS that have certain values set by you using Custom Fields
  • Select SDS where Presence has not been recorded
  • Select SDS with a certain Approval Status
  • Select SDS with a certain Risk assessment condition
  • Select SDS added or changed by certain users

Refining Your Selection

After applying the necessary filters, you can effortlessly select all SDS within your filtered results by marking the checkbox adjacent to "Product Name." Alternatively, you have the option to individually select SDS from the list.

Choosing a Bulk Operation

Finally, choose the bulk operation you wish to execute:

  • Move SDSs to another location
  • Copy SDSs to another location
  • Move SDSs to archive
  • Approve SDS

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Chemical Compliance Dashboard

Elevate your Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management with our comprehensive Chemical Compliance Dashboard.

Reconciliation feature

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Archive Safety Data Sheets

Archiving SDSs for products that are no longer in use is crucial for historical exposure analysis and compliance.

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Bulk operations refer to the ability to select multiple Safety Data Sheets (SDS) within your library and apply actions to them simultaneously, such as moving, copying, archiving, or approving them. This feature is designed to save time and ensure consistency across multiple storage locations or sites.

To move multiple SDSs, select the desired sheets from your library and choose the "Move to another location" option. Specify the new location for the selected SDSs, and confirm the action.

Yes, you can duplicate SDSs across different locations by selecting the SDSs and choosing the "Copy to another location" option. This is particularly useful for businesses with similar product ranges across multiple sites, ensuring consistent safety information is available everywhere.

Archiving SDSs helps maintain a clutter-free and organized SDS library, especially useful for obsolete or outdated sheets or those imported during initial testing phases. To archive, select the SDSs and choose the "Move to archive" option. This action preserves the SDSs for record-keeping while removing them from your active library. In the Archive you also have the option to permanently delete the SDS from your SDS library.

To approve multiple SDSs, select the sheets requiring approval and choose the "Approve SDSs" option. This bulk approval process ensures that all selected SDSs meet your organization's safety and compliance standards before being actively used or distributed.

Absolutely. The bulk copy feature is ideal for construction firms operating across multiple sites, allowing for the seamless duplication of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) from one location to another, ensuring that every site has access to up-to-date and relevant safety information.

Bulk operations streamline the management of Safety Data Sheets by saving time, reducing manual effort, and ensuring consistency and compliance across all sites and storage locations within an organization. It simplifies tasks like updating storage arrangements, starting fresh with new imports, and maintaining a well-organized SDS library.

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