SDSs are automatically given ratings for Health-, Safety-, and Environmental-hazard based on H- and P-statements

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Health Rating

Evaluate the level of hazard the chemical poses to employees handling the product.

Safety Rating

Assess chemicals according to safety hazards such as flammability, explosivity, and pressurization.

Environmental Rating

Assessment based on environmental impact in the event of a release.

How Automated hazard-rating of Safety Data Sheets works

All Safety Data Sheets in SDS Manager are given a rudimentary rating for Health hazard, Safety hazard and Environmental hazard based on a scale from 1 to 5.

The rating is done based on H and P codes found in the SDS file.

These ratings will give pointer to products where hazards should be evaluated.

For SDS where no H- or P-statements are present, pictogram and signal word are used in the algorithm to set the ratings.

How to work with the automated hazard ratings

Hazard ratings are available to all users of SDS Manager.
To find hazardous chemicals you can sort your chemicals by hazard rating
Implementing an approval process for hazardous-rated products is considered a best practice in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) management.

SDS Manager highlight the SDSs that need attention.

A rigorous evaluation is done using SDS Managers Chemical Risk assessment

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If documenting the evaluation process is unnecessary, the SDS can be swiftly approved with the click of the "Approve" button. Additionally, for clarity and context, you have the option to include a comment explaining the rationale behind the approval decision.

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All SDS that has wither H- or P-statements, pictograms or Signal words will get a rating. If none of these are present, the SDS will remain unrated.

Yes, like all other information related to Safety Data Sheets, you can also edit the hazard rating.

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