SDS Manager's free text search feature indexes the entirety of the content within all the Safety Data Sheets in your SDS library.

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Search for SDS with "Safety glasses"

SDS Manager will list all your SDS that contain the string "Safety glasses"

Verify PPE requirements

Check the SDS for the required PPE is required for handling

Add PPE icons to inform employees

Add PPE icons to show employees in cases where the SDS does not contain any PPE icons.

How free text search works

SDS Manager's free text search feature indexes the entirety of the content within all the Safety Data Sheets in your SDS library. This indexing excludes only the headings and specific terms that are universally found across all SDS.

To utilize this search capability, navigate to the “All our SDS” page within SDS Manager. Here, simply activate the “Free-text search” option. By doing so, you can effortlessly list all SDS documents that include the specific terms or phrases you're searching for, making it easier than ever to find the exact information you need.

How to use the free text search to find required PPE.

Ensuring your employees are well-informed about the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for safely handling chemicals is crucial. SDS Manager seamlessly extracts PPE icons directly from within the Safety Data Sheet files, making this vital safety information readily accessible and clearly visible to your team.
For some Safety Data Sheets, the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is only mentioned in text form. To ensure clarity and accessibility, we suggest enhancing your SDS library by adding PPE symbols whenever they are not included in the original SDS.
You can easily locate these SDS documents within your library by using our intuitive free text search feature. Simply search for keywords associated with PPE, such as "Mask", "Glasses", or "Gloves", to identify and update these entries accordingly.
Select the relevant PPE symbols.
The PPE symbol you added will now be visible to your team in SDS Manager.

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Generate Chemical Instruction & Risk Assessment to efficiently educate employees on risks and PPE requirements

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Side-by-side SDS comparison of two products, allowing for thorough analysis of properties and hazards.

Restricted Substance Notifications

SDS Manager scrutinizes the ingredient details of your chemicals on SDSs and compares them against restricted substance lists.

Job Hazard analysis

Create Job Hazard Analysis Reports (referred to as COSHH Reports in the UK). Read receipts from assigned employees.

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The Full-Text Search feature allows you to perform comprehensive searches across your entire Safety Data Sheet (SDS) library. This tool indexes and searches through all the text within your SDS documents, enabling you to find specific information, chemical characteristics, PPE requirements, handling instructions, and more with ease.

When PPE information is provided in text form without accompanying symbols, we recommend manually adding the PPE symbols to your SDS library entries for clearer communication. Our platform allows for easy updates to ensure your team has visual cues for safety requirements.

To access the Full-Text Search, navigate to the "All our SDS" section within SDS Manager. Here, you'll find the option to enable "Free-text search."

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