Custom fields enable the sorting and organization of SDS by allowing you to filter and group them based on specific values assigned.

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Create your Custom Fields

Supported custom field types include Text, Numeric, Date, and Enumerated (a set of predetermined values from which users can select via a dropdown list).

Assign values to Custom Fields

You can assign values to custom fields on each Safety Data Sheet in your library. This enables you to later filter and categorize SDS based on these assigned values.

Typical Uses for Custom Fields

Custom fields can be utilized for various purposes, such as setting the expiry date of SDS, scheduling the next review date, noting the processes in which the chemical is used, determining if a chemical is food grade, and indicating whether a product is actively in use or is a residual chemical not currently active.

How Custom Fields works

Custom fields allow you to assign specific values to Safety Data Sheets based on parameters that are relevant to your organization. Here are some examples:

  • Intended use of the chemical
  • Part number
  • Specific disposal process
  • Restock amount
  • Expiry date
  • Food grade (Yes, No)
  • Process in which the product is used (Process A, Process B, Process C)

By utilizing filters, users can later generate lists of Safety Data Sheets for products used in a specific process, such as Process B, or identify Safety Data Sheets that have passed their expiry date, among other uses.

How to use Custom Fields

Create Custom Fields.
Custom Fields are easily created from the Custom Fields filter.
Select Custom Field Type

Choose the type of custom field, which determines the permissible values for the field and the type of filtering that can be applied.

For a Date type, filters can specify dates before or after the set date.

For Enumerated types, values are selected from a dropdown list.

Set Custom Fields Values
Custom field values can be edited on the Safety Data Sheet Detail page.
Custom Fields filtering
Filters can be applied to the Safety Data Sheet lists to locate SDS that match specific custom field values.

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There is no fixed limit on the number of custom fields you can add. You are free to create as many custom fields as necessary to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Yes, you can edit the list of values for enumerated fields even after they have been created. This allows you to update and refine the options as your requirements change.

Yes, all users can see the custom field values set on Safety Data Sheets within your SDS library, ensuring transparency and access to important data across your organization.

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