Since we extract all information from the SDS files, we provide mobile-friendly access to first-aid details with just one click.

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How One-click First-aid info access works

Scanning a QR-code poster with a mobile device grants immediate entry to the SDS library, ensuring employees can quickly obtain essential First-Aid information when needed.

How to access First-aid information for a chemical

Employees can easily access the online SDS library by simply scanning the QR code provided and searching for the SDS they are looking for
First-aid information is only one click away


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Secondary labels

Generate secondary container labels in 15 sizes. Labels feature QR codes, crucial H- and P-codes, and PPE icons.

NFPA Labels

Display NFPA labels to enhance workplace safety by visually communicating the hazards associated with chemicals.

Instant employee access

Ensure employees have immediate access to SDS in case of an incident with strategically placed QR code posters.

Offline access

Create an SDS Binder for easy offline access to Safety Data Sheets. Navigate swiftly within any standard PDF reader.

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Certainly, SDS Manager compiles all displayed information by extracting text from the SDS PDF files. You possess the ability to revise this information or incorporate supplementary details.

Absolutely, your employees can access both the mobile-friendly view created by SDS Manager and the original SDS file.

Indeed, you have the flexibility to append custom controls and PPE icons for display to your employees within SDS Manager.

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