Create an SDS Binder for easy offline access to Safety Data Sheets. Navigate swiftly within any standard PDF reader.

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Binder index image

Electronic SDS Binder

Single PDF file that holds all Safety Data Sheets in a single pdf.

Index with PPE & Signal words

The SDS-Binder index displays all included Safety Data Sheets, Signal Words, pictograms, and PPE icons extracted from each SDS

Clickable page number in index

Click the page number in the index to get access to a Safety Data Sheet.

How Electronic SDS-Binders works

Create an electronic SDS Binder for seamless offline access to your Safety Data Sheets.

This binder not only securely stores your SDS files but also organizes them for quick reference.

The SDS Binder's index clearly displays all included Safety Data Sheets, complete with their Signal Words, pictograms, and PPE icons extracted directly from the SDS documents.

Users can effortlessly navigate to a specific Safety Data Sheet by opening the SDS Binder PDF in any standard PDF reader and clicking on the page number indicated in the index.

If you have multiple sites, you can generate a separate SDS binder for each site.

SDS Binders are a convenient way to store a copy of your Safety Data Sheets to comply with the 10-year archive requirements.

How to generate an SDS Binder


Generate an SDS-Binder file encompassing all Safety Data Sheets for a specific location by choosing "Generate SDS Binder," as illustrated in the image.

For locations with sub-locations, an SDS Binder can be created to include Safety Data Sheets from both the main location and all its sub-locations, ensuring comprehensive coverage.


Ensure the SDS Binder file is accessible to your employees for offline use.

A common method is to save a copy of the SDS Binder file directly on their smartphones, providing them with easy access to crucial safety information at any time.

Add your company logo to SDS Manger to get the logo on the cover page of the SDS binder.

Other features you might like

Access First-aid info

Since we extract all information from the SDS files, we provide mobile-friendly access to first-aid details with just one click.

Secondary labels

Generate secondary container labels in 15 sizes. Labels feature QR codes, crucial H- and P-codes, and PPE icons.

Keep employees informed

Safety information is readily accessible. Hazard details and PPE icons are instantly available, automatically extracted from SDS files.

Instant employee access

Ensure employees have immediate access to SDS in case of an incident with strategically placed QR code posters.

Have questions?

No, there are no limits to the number of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) that can be included in one SDS Binder file. You can compile as many SDS as necessary to meet your organizational needs.

The electronic SDS Binder is equipped with an indexed system, allowing users to easily navigate through the document. By simply clicking on the page number listed in the index, employees can swiftly jump to the desired Safety Data Sheet.

Yes, you are provided with the flexibility to generate an SDS Binder tailored to your specific requirements. You can create a binder that encompasses all SDS in your entire library, only those within a single location, or include SDS from sub-locations as well. This customization ensures that each site has access to the relevant safety information pertinent to its operations.

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