Ensure employees have immediate access to SDS in case of an incident with strategically placed QR code posters.

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QR-code posters

Scan QR code and get instant access to SDS library - no app or password required to access.

Instant access to Safety information

No app or password required. Any mobile phone can access the Online SDS library.

SDS Binders for offline access

Generate electronic SDS binders if offline access is needed.

How QR code access works

SDS Manager ensures employees have immediate access to Safety Data Sheets in case of an incident with strategically placed QR code posters where chemicals are utilized.

Scanning these QR codes with a mobile device provides instant access to the SDS library, a crucial feature during emergencies. Additionally, your SDS library is accessible via a link on your corporate intranet, enhancing accessibility.

For added convenience, many customers utilize tablets with SDS Manager installed, ensuring that important safety information is just a touch away. This approach not only facilitates quick response during incidents but also aids in regular safety training and information retrieval.

How to find safety information by scanning QR code poster

Create a QR Poster using SDS Manager

For organizations with multiple locations, it's possible to generate distinct QR posters for each site, providing direct access to the relevant Safety Data Sheets specific to each location.

For workplaces that accommodate bilingual employees, you can effortlessly generate a QR poster for English-speaking users and another for speakers of another language, such as Spanish, ensuring all employees have seamless access to the Safety Data Sheets in their preferred language.

Employees can easily access the online SDS library by simply scanning the QR code provided.
Search field is used to find the SDS they are looking for
Retrieve SDS by Scanning Product Barcode
SDS Manager enhances accessibility by allowing users to effortlessly find Safety Data Sheets by simply scanning the product's barcode with a smartphone camera, providing a quick and efficient alternative to manual product name searches.
Safety information is only one click away
Accidental release
Safety information is optimized for mobile viewing, providing a user-friendly alternative to PDF files, which can be challenging to read and navigate on smartphones.
This convenience is made possible through SDS Manager's unique capability to automatically extract and present all pertinent details from the PDF files of Safety Data Sheets in your library, ensuring easy access and navigation.
The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary for handling each substance is readily accessible, with comprehensive hazard information just a click away.

Furthermore, all Safety Data Sheets undergo an automatic pre-assessment for health, safety, and environmental hazards. This evaluation leverages H-statements, P-statements, and pictograms contained within the SDS PDF files.

SDS Manager enhances accessibility by automatically extracting PPE icons from the SDS files, making them prominently available in the chemical summary for immediate reference.

For managing hazardous substances or labeling secondary containers, SDS Manager offers the flexibility to generate labels in 15 distinct sizes.
These labels include QR codes, enabling direct access to the product's SDS with a simple scan. They prominently display H and P codes, along with PPE icons extracted from the SDS, ensuring critical safety information is readily accessible and clearly communicated.
The QR code featured on a secondary container label provides immediate access to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of the product associated with the label, ensuring essential safety information is always just a scan away.
Offline access to SDS
Create an electronic SDS Binder for seamless offline access to your Safety Data Sheets. This binder not only securely stores your SDS files but also organizes them for quick reference. The SDS Binder's index clearly displays all included Safety Data Sheets, complete with their Signal Words, pictograms, and PPE icons extracted directly from the SDS documents. Users can effortlessly navigate to a specific Safety Data Sheet by opening the SDS Binder PDF in any standard PDF reader and clicking on the page number indicated in the index.
Are you required to verify that your employees have been informed about safe handling practices and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?
Utilize our Risk Assessment module to conduct evaluations of your chemicals and generate specific Chemical Instructions. Assign users to job procedures involving chemical use, and if necessary, you can also collect read-receipts from those employees to ensure and document compliance.
Seeing is believing!
Please click on the picture or scan the QR code with your cell phone and see what your employees will see when they access your next SDS library.

Other features you might like

Access First-aid info

Since we extract all information from the SDS files, we provide mobile-friendly access to first-aid details with just one click.

Secondary labels

Generate secondary container labels in 15 sizes. Labels feature QR codes, crucial H- and P-codes, and PPE icons.

Keep employees informed

Safety information is readily accessible. Hazard details and PPE icons are instantly available, automatically extracted from SDS files.

Offline access

Create an SDS Binder for easy offline access to Safety Data Sheets. Navigate swiftly within any standard PDF reader.

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For essential reasons, SDS Manager does not necessitate the installation of an app to access the SDS library. We strongly advise against relying on app installations that require login passwords to access safety information. Expecting all employees to maintain an updated SDS app on their phones is impractical and unrealistic. In emergencies, searching for app installations and passwords is the last thing you want employees to worry about. Securing safety data sheets behind password protection is akin to placing a padlock on a fire extinguisher—counterintuitive to safety. Utilizing QR codes for SDS library access significantly enhances safety profiles. For organizations requiring open access to the SDS Library, we provide Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions.

Yes, you have the flexibility to modify the default name extracted from the Safety Data Sheet file. You can add your internal product names as synonyms, enabling users to locate SDS using any of these names.

The mobile-friendly presentation of SDS information is achieved through SDS Manager's innovative capability to automatically extract and display all relevant details from the Safety Data Sheets' PDF files in your library. This ensures that safety data is accessible and navigable on all mobile devices.

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