A business that handles chemicals needs to have Safety Data Sheets (SDS') for each substance or chemical product they manufacture, distribute, or import. SDS' must be available, at all times, to the employees who handle these products. Furthermore, SDS' should be provided to customers and vendors as well. The primary purpose of these documents is to provide safety information for workers at the workplace and inform users about any potential dangers of the purchased chemicals.

Today, the structure of the SDS is almost completely harmonised internationally. They should have 16 sections and must include information about product identification, hazards classification, composition and other relevant data, enabling safe handling of the product.

SDS management software should follow the same rules and advantages over physical documents. It should save you money while also increasing the safety of chemical handling, provide information on local language, help you with reporting to authorities, to mention a few.

While handling the chemicals, your employees should have access to the safety information at the workplace when they need it. With the online SDS software, everyone can access the information simultaneously and work more efficiently. Because the data is digital, users should be able to access documents at any time in a convenient way via their smartphones or computers.

SDS is a crucial document for improving the safety of your personnel or customers who handle the chemicals. It also ensures legal compliance and can assess risks at the workplace. SDS should inform the users about the hazards and handle the hazards and risks associated with the chemical product. It also contains information about the physical and chemical properties of the product, composition, precautions, occupational exposure and toxicological and ecotoxicological effects.

Why should you use an online SDS system? Here are some benefits:

  1. Save Time!

SDS software should help free time for your employees. Collecting and managing SDS' can take a lot of time. Wouldn’t it be great to relieve your employees from this burden?  This way, they should focus more on the tasks at hand. Instead of searching through the binders for hard copies, they can obtain the information from the latest version of the SDS within seconds by using the SDS software. 

  1. One Register!

Depending on your company size or industry, you may be handling a large number of chemicals from a couple of hundreds to a couple of thousands every day. It is extremely hard to track everything, store it into binders or folders and find the SDS you are looking for when it is time to update it. With an online system, you can organise the safety data sheets in one place, with advanced search options. You will process and manage information more efficiently by saving money and time.

  1. Safer workplace!

Online SDS management system will help you have a safer workplace. In remote locations or during transportation, your workers or drivers will be able to instantly get access to the information on how to handle chemicals adequately. Your employees will be able to access the data with just a few clicks.

  1. Improve Your Customer Service!

Usually, people outside production departments do not have direct access to safety data sheets. Sales and marketing personnel need to contact the manufacturing department and ask and wait for the SDS. Or they forward the customer request to the technical department, so the technical department needs to find and send the right SDS to the customer.

All personnel can access the SDS online and resolve the request within minutes using the SDS system. Your customer support will perform their job more efficiently and give you an edge over your competition.

  1. Train Your Employees!

To get the full value of the SDS, its contents need to be read and understood. Training your employees on this topic will help increase their competence and provide a safe work environment. By purchasing the software, your employees will receive training on SDS' and their contents and how to use the tool effectively. 

  1. Automatic updates!

Contacting your suppliers and asking for the SDS or update, waiting for their response can be a hustle and can take a lot of time sometimes. Wouldn't it be great if someone else would do that job instead of you? Using the online SDS management system, you can access the latest revisions of the safety data sheets and start working immediately!

  1. Local language!

Best SDS systems are optimised for international markets, giving you the option to search and use the database in local languages. In the case of international businesses, their employees worldwide will use the system in their local language. This will help them better understand SDS information and work more safely at the workplace.

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