SDS Authoring solution

Create compliant SDSs in minutes.
SDS Mangers authoring tool allows you to create Safety Data Sheets in 25 languages.
Localizing Safety data sheets
Our solution offers a unique method for creating localized Safety Data Sheets where you can import a Safety Data Sheet into another language, and we will convert all headings and literals to your desired languages. The text values will not be automatically translated as that would not be safe, but you do save a lot of time by having approximately 70% already converted to the language of your choice before you start preparing your localized Safety Data Sheets.
Creating new revision of existing Safety data sheets
SDS Manager Authoring tool allows you to create new versions of Safety Data Sheets with your current PDF file as the source. With our solution, you can clone an existing Safety Data Sheet by importing the PDF file. You can update any data that needs to be changed and publish your new revision in a matter of minutes.
Our pricing is based on the number of SDS you are authoring.